Best Jobs in the World – Currently Hiring

Best jobs in the world

The best jobs in the world are within your reach. Are you dreaming about a cool job but don’t have the guts to apply?

Well, it’s the perfect time leave that cubicle and quit your dreadful job already. There are plenty of amazing jobs out there, just waiting to be filled by talented people like you.

Don’t believe me? How would you like to be a brewer at sea? Or how about a Cancun Experience Officer?

These jobs seem too good to be true, but they’re not. They’re all real and they’re currently hiring. So don’t delay – get your resume together and apply for these jobs before some other joe-schmoe does.

Best Jobs in the World – Brewer at Sea

Carnival Cruise Line has the first ship with a floating brewery. The Carnival Vista has sailed with the Red Frog Brewery, pumping out fresh barrels of IPA, stout, and island wheat. It’s like you’ve died and gone to beer-heaven – on a brand new gorgeous ship. Their sister ship, the Horizon, is setting sail just beyond the horizon (yep) in 2018. They’re looking for a talented brewer to join the crew for a 6-8 month excursion. It promises to be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Best Jobs in the World – Cancun Experience Officer

Have you always dreamed of living in Cancun? How about making $10,000 a month while you’re at it? is looking for a social media guru and vacation junkie to be the face of this vibrant beach town. It’s a 40-hour a week gig and you’ll be spending nights in luxury villas and enjoying exotic excursions. This is a travel blogger’s dream come true.

Best Jobs in the World – Why Me?

Sure these jobs seem out of reach, but they’re not. If your dream job is to land that Cancun gig, start now by launching a travel blog. Maybe you’re not qualified today, but give it a year or two and you can have a stellar portfolio built up, and then who knows where it’ll lead.

Then once you have your act together, and still don’t know how to land an exciting jobs, I recommend you pick a strategy. Either blast away by applying to 300 jobs, or get an inside source and ask for a referral. Either of these tricks are sure to land you the job of your dreams.

Best Jobs in the World – Action Steps:

  • Pick your ultimate dream job
  • Start with something small today

If you could do any job in the world, what would it be? What’s preventing you from starting a side hustle today?