How to Get a Job Without Applying Online – For Real

Get a job without applying

The ability to get a job without applying online is much easier than you think. Because quite frankly, the current job market is incredibly finicky. There are HR managers hiding behind computer portals with ridiculous hoops to jump through.

Trying to get a job online is a nightmare.

Unless you’re literally willing to apply to over 300 jobs, there’s no way you’ll ever push past the gate. If you’re only applying to one job here and there – willy-nilly – you’ll never get hired.

But I’m going to let you in on a little secret: You can get a job without applying online. (Shhhh…)

How to Get a Job Without Applying Online

There’s a little thing in the sales world called a referral. Every sales agent knows what a referral is. It’s such a strong and appealing attraction, it practically has its own scent. (Kind of like dirty money)

A referral smells like money, because it is money. A referral is so strong, the sale has practically closed itself. All you have to do is show up with the correct paperwork and collect the paycheck. (Although, some sales agents fail at the paperwork side, so it does take some finagling)

Regardless, the essence of a referral holds true in the job market. As the potential employee, you have to position yourself like a sales agent. That might sound yucky and gross, but unless you’re wiling to grind and get a little dirty, you have no business working anywhere or being a productive member of society. You should quit before you begin. Corporate America does not need you. (But perhaps you’re needed somewhere else…)

So, for the poor souls who are willing to roll up their sleeves, here’s how to wrestle your way into the job of your dreams.

Get a Job Without Applying Online – Step #1

Figure out what you want.

To get hired without applying online, first you need to help yourself.

If you’re vague or indecisive, hunting for a job becomes a burden. You must figure out what you’re pursuing, even if it’s not perfect or you don’t know yourself.

Sometimes we have to experiment and learn lessons for ourselves. Learning what doesn’t work is just as important as what does.

Just ask Edison. Where would we be if he didn’t fail a hundred times trying to invent the lightbulb? We’d still be stuck in the dark ages and you’d be reading this article on papyrus.

So stick your neck out and try to figure what you’re after.

Because – people can’t help you unless you give them specifics. It’s not that people are dumb – just the opposite. They all want to help you. But if all you’re asking for is a generic job, that’s all they’ll think of (maybe you could clean my house, I need help with that…)

But ask me if you want to be a writer at the local blog in town, and my mind will instantly focus and give you a helpful answer.

Which then brings me to my next point.

Get a Job Without Applying Online – Step #2

Ask. That’s it.

How complicated is that? If you want to go after your dream job, you have to ask around, and let everyone you know what you’re up to.

Just imagine you wanted to work at Apple, or Disney, or some cool hipster startup. What strategy would work better? To apply online and hope for the best, or to ask someone who works there to get you in?

Granted, having a friend who works at Apple and can get you an interview is like a unicorn – but it can happen.

Because I’m such a moron, I had a friend who worked at Microsoft and I didn’t know it. Granted, I didn’t necessarily want to pack up and move to Seattle for a job offer, but the thought was there. But if I hadn’t been asking around, I never would have discovered that connection to begin with.

Here’s the kicker too: HR managers want to hire a referral. It makes their job a thousand times easier not having to sift through pointless resumes. And most referred people make great employees. There’s someone to vouch for them, and a certain expectation to uphold at the job.

Referrals are good for everyone.

So discover what it is you want, then let everyone know how they can help you. People love offering help – it’s like ingrained in our psyche.

Then, without ever submitting a pointless resume into the interweb, you’ll have the perfect job offer land on your plate. I guarantee it.

Get a Job Without Applying Online – Action Steps:

  • Figure out what you want. Be specific.
  • Ask every one you know.

Do you have a friend who got you a job? What sort of dream job are you chasing? What fears prevent you from asking for a job referral?