How to Write a Resume – Tips from the Pros

How to write a resume

How to write a resume is complex. We all know the importance of a good resume. They’re necessary for any job.

But what’s seriously lacking in most people’s job search arsenal is a killer resume.

Having hired a handful of people, I’ve seen the mediocre resumes fly across my desk. And while there’s nothing actually “wrong” with most resumes – it’s not like they’re littered with spelling mistakes or grammatical errors (though that happens…) – a glowing resume always stands out.

As a hiring manager, you’ll be sifting through applicants – McDonald’s, McDonald’s, McDonald’s, ooh Burger King, McDonald’s… – and there’s nothing particularly inspiring about anyone. Everyone is the same.

How to Write a Resume – Example

But then you’ll come across something like this:

Customer Experience Engineer – Charged with promoting exceptional guest experience and revenue generating operations. Recognized by the CEO has having the highest ratio of converted sales, improving operating income 110%. Also honored with the Exceptional Member of the Month Award.

Oh wow! That person sounds like a rock star. I have no idea what they’re talking about, and maybe it’s a lot of fluff, but they caught my attention with the awards and stuff. That’s definitely someone I want on my team. I’ll call them in for an interview.

That’s the goal right? A resume is your ticket to an interview. That’s all it’s designed to do.

How to Write a Resume – A Warning

Now here’s a careful warning – NEVER lie on your resume.

We all understand there’s a little boasting and it’s necessary to be braggadocios, but never go so far as to make something up. It’s easy to sniff out, and it’s only a phone call away.

There are tons of CEOs who get fired for claiming masters and PhD degrees when they have none. There’s absolutely no need to do that. It’s just wrong.

And for me, as the hiring manager, I’m going to want to know about your awards. I’m going to ask. So if it sounds like a lie, I’m going to know. Everyone is a horrible liar, just know that. Especially in an interview.

And if you’ve taken my advice about how to ace an interview, you already know not to do anything stupid. Lying is stupid. Don’t say dumb stuff.

Here’s a surprise for any job-seekers out there: Recently hiring firms are running background checks, not just for a credit check or criminal record – but for employment. They are literally calling your past employers to verify you worked there. Ugh.

Now, that’s not such a big deal, if you’ve been honest.

How to Write a Resume – Like a Pro

So how do you make your resume stand out? If your resume feels standard, you need help. It is actually very hard to create a glowing resume. I should know. I’m like a professional job guru and a writer – and I didn’t know how to create a great resume. Until I had help.

The key is to hire a professional.

Maybe that sounds like cheating. It’s not.

Believe it or not, there are people in this world who understand how to write a resume and make you look like a shining star. And you are amazing. The resume should be a reflection of that.

I hired Liz Lopez ( She’s awesome. After a quick phone conversation, she gave me homework. Double ugh.

But this homework was essential to crafting a glowing resume. In a conversational tone, she had me write out my duties and awards, maybe recognition of some kind, but in the end she pulled more out of me than I ever knew possible. And with that new information she whipped up a stellar resume – much more amazing than I ever thought possible.

Now I was proud of my resume. I looked awesome on paper. I tossed that sucker around and threw it all over the internet. Where it ended up, I’ll never know (probably in a hacker’s den in Sudan).

Then I got a lot of interview requests, which was the goal. I had so many requests I had to turn some down (for real).

And the real proof of why a professional resume is important, is because the new employers told me so. They literally said, “Your resume stood out. We’d like to talk to you.”

No duh my resume stood out. No one else out there is paying someone to improve their resume. You’re sure to stand out from the crowd. I guarantee it.

How to Write a Resume – Action Steps:

  • Don’t lie on a resume
  • Hire a professional resume writer

How do you feel about your current resume? Does it need help? Have you been sending out the same one for years, with mediocre results?

What tricks do you have for beefing up a resume? What do you think managers are looking for?