Top 4 Sleeping Habits for a Better Life

Sleeping habits

Good sleeping habits are important. Getting a solid night of sleep is paramount to achieving your best.

We’re all trying to seize the day and make the most out of our daily routines. But what if we’re sabotaging our best laid plans just by our poor sleeping habits at night?

We’re going to look at a few tips and tricks to make you feel awake and rejuvenated first thing in the morning.

Sleeping Habits #1 – Put away electronic devices

Whether that’s a cell phone, iPad, or TV, get all those bright shiny objects out of the bedroom. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary for sleep and not much else.

If you want to watch TV, go in the living room. If you want to make a phone call, go in the living room. Your room should be reserved solely for sleeping purposes. Staring at your phone is not one of them.

Sleeping Habits #2 – Don’t eat before bed

Having that delicious chocolate chip cookie right before bedtime may be taming a sweet tooth, but it’s doing damage to your sleep habits.

This isn’t even a discussion about gaining weight. By eating that sugary goodness, you’re going to spike your sugar level and make it impossible to fall asleep properly. Your head is guaranteed to spin and think about unpleasant thoughts for a few hours before it calms down.

If you do need to eat a sweet before bed, make sure it’s a couple hours ahead of time.

And doubly so for anything with caffeine. Quit anything with caffeine in the afternoon if you want to sleep like a baby at night.

Sleeping Habits #3 – Get up every day at the same time

Getting up at the same time every day is important for your body’s internal cycle. If you’re always in flux and getting up at random times, your body will hate you.

Every 9-5er knows how great a weekday routine feels, so it’s super important for any entrepreneurs to set a proper weekday schedule too, even when their work hours are quite flexible.

Weekends are a good time to sleep in a little bit, as long as you don’t over do it. Rise as early as possible, without being exhausted, to keep your body on a synchronized clock. Your energy levels with thank you.

Sleeping Habits #4 – Never hit snooze

This is quite arguably the hardest item on the list. Hitting the snooze button is a favorite pastime for the modern worker.

Those extra nine minutes may feel like the most solid sleep you’ve had all night, but they’re not. You’re only destroying your sleep cycle and are guaranteed to need that cup of joe all day long.

Set your alarm at the time you need to get up – ideally with enough time for morning routines to relax and motivate your way into the new day.

Put these habits in place today and see how great you start to feel.


Sleeping Habits – Action Steps:

  • No iPhone in bed
  • No cookies
  • Wake up like clockwork
  • No snooze button

How do you best prepare for bed at night? Have you ever seen a spouse or roommate totally annihilating their chance of a goodnight sleep, only to wonder why they’re so tired the next day?