Don’t Be Lazy – Accomplish Impossible Things with a Routine


Being lazy is easy. It’s fun to sit around and relax. 

On the flip-side, routines are hard. Deciding to commit to something new, to change your life is hard. 

None of this is simple. No one ever said it would be. 

Lazy – Habits 

The other day someone commented how I “like routines.” That struck me as odd. I haven’t always been that way. 

Yes, currently, it seems like I’m always chasing something, writing every day, forming good habits and morning routines. 

Habits have become an important aspect of my life. Habits make me feel good. 

I don’t much like surprises. I like to plan my day and have a sense for what’s important and needs to be accomplished. 

But it’s not like I came out of the womb as a “routine master” or “habit ninja.” 

Quite the opposite: I’m lazy. 

Lazy – TV 

My favorite pastime is watching TV. I can spend countless hours in front of the boob-tube watching whatever program catches my fancy. 

Whether that’s sports, reality shows, house-flipping programs, cooking specials, talk shows, or entertainment news – it’s all compelling and interesting. 

TV sucks me in. I can sit there for days (yes, days) just watching TV as life outside passes by. 

But growing up, we didn’t have TV. It wasn’t until middle school that we finally got cable TV (how we survived before that, I’ll never know). 

And once cable TV was in the house, I was like a moth to the flame. I couldn’t look away no matter how hard I tried. 

Saturday mornings were the worst. There were a million amazing cartoon shows to watch. I’d gobble them up as fast as I could, because inevitably there were chores to do or sport games to play. 

I never wanted to go. I threw a fit every time. All I wanted was to sit on my comfy couch and watch the X-Men. 

Lazy – Addiction 

As an adult, I’m fully aware of this addiction. I try to be careful, and take it in tiny doses. 

Yet sometimes, an entire Saturday will pass, and all I’ve managed to do was watch TV all day. 

In the moment it feels good – it feels refreshing. But over the long-haul, I’m not doing myself any favors. 

Ultimately, I’m not accomplishing anything. I’m being lazy. Life is just passing by, again. 

Lazy – Sacrifice 

Recently, I had to make a hard sacrifice. I had to cut out TV. 

After work, I’m exhausted. Work is hard. It’s been a long day. Everyone should be tired. That’s what work is. It’s work. 

I’d come home and plop on the couch. All I wanted to do was relax, watch my favorite TV shows, and follow the adventures of my YouTube friends. 

It’s fun, and something I looked forward to each day – the highlight, after a difficult weekday. 

Yet in the midst of that pleasure, life was out of whack. I didn’t feel good, my goals were off the rails, and I generally felt unhealthy. 

There were important things I wanted to accomplish, which weren’t getting done. There were excuses, it’d be easier in the future, under different circumstances, when things changed. 

Lazy – Enjoyment 

Inevitably, I realized this 2-hour time block after work was ruining my life. 

I had a choice to make. I could continue watching TV, which I would enjoy in the moment, but the rest of my week would suck. 

Or, I could sacrifice that 2-hour block and do something constructive – I could run and exercise, get off my butt and move around. And then I could write, to make time for what really mattered. 

So that’s what I did. 

Now, after work, I immediately rush into the house and change into workout gear. I’m exhausted – I can feel it creeping up on me. If I listen to my body, I’m going to immediately crash on the couch and relax – because that’s what I deserve and need. 

Instead, I rush outside and start running. As soon as I do I feel great. I’m outside, which is nice, and listening to a podcast. Running isn’t so bad when you can find ways to enjoy it. 

Then after, I find a quit place and write. I work on my goals and aspirations. It feels amazing when you’re able to accomplish difficult things. 

And then I’m done. I allow myself to finally relax. 

I still get some TV to watch, but it’s much less than before, and I feel a whole lot better watching it now. 

Lazy – Choices 

So I have a choice to make. 

I can either watch TV and enjoy the temporary pleasure. But the rest of my week will suck and I’ll feel miserable. 

Or, I can do something difficult, and exercise. In the moment it feels hard and painful to choose the difficult option. But after doing it, I feel so much better all week long.