The Media Lies to Us – Don’t Believe Anything You See

Media Lies

The media lies. Everything you see is a lie. TV, movies, the internet is full of liars. 

Everyone is trying to sell you something. They’re trying to make money off you, preying off an insecurity, and hoping you’ll throw money away to fix the problem – the same “fake problem” they’ve convinced you, you have. 

Media Lies – New York 

I went to New York City once and hated it. 

That was quite a surprise. I thought it’d be cool. 

Everything I heard made New York seem like the most wonderful place in the world. Like it was full of energy and life and fun. 

It was none of that. It was full of noise, tourists, and angry cab drivers. 

As soon as I stepped foot on New York soil, I could feel the tension. It was like a panic of energy. Everyone was stressed out and angry. It was a very strange sensation indeed. 

Media Lies – Relax 

Wanting to escape the hysteria, I was glad to finally check-in to the hotel. I wanted to hide in my room and relax. 

That was, “if” we could ever check-in. We were at a very nice hotel, and expected a certain level of service, but there was none. It was the opposite of service. 

We were forced to wait, with no explanation or apology. It was the worst hotel service I had ever received. 

I looked around to the strangers waiting around me. Who knows where they had come from, or what their stories were, as everyone began to mumble, “Can you believe this? It’s New York, I guess.” 

I said to my wife, “This is just how it’s going to be, apparently. We better get used to it.” This is the real New York, after all, the one they don’t want you to see in the movies. The one where everyone is miserable and treats each other like crap. The one where everyone is stressed out. 

New York sucks. 

Media Lies – Tourist 

As a tourist myself, there were interesting things to see. The World Trade Center being one of them. That at least feels like holy ground. It’s a literal cemetery. And it makes my heart break for our county. 

But as soon as you’re a block away, it’s back to throwing elbows and carving your place in the world. 

And not to mention the yelling. Why is everyone yelling at each other, about everything? Geez. Relax. But it’s like they physically can’t. I could feel it too. That pressure to fight. The city takes over your soul. 

But this wasn’t the New York of my dreams – that countless romantic comedies and gorgeous car commercials make me believe. 

New York is horrible. Did I mention it sucks? 

Media Lies – FOMO 

Social media and bloggers make you think you’re missing out. They want you to see images of wonderful places, and make you jealous. 

But you need to look past the picture, look past the lie. It’s all fluff. 

We went to the place with the “frozen hot chocolate.” It was gross. It tasted like a packet of hot chocolate in ice water – you could make that at home and dump it down the drain yourself. Yuck. 

And the original cronut place. It was a cool bakery, and the cronut was yummy, but it wasn’t worth the “out of the way” trip. There’s plenty of local bagel places to explore that are just as memorable. 

Speaking of bagels, there’s one Instagram famous bagel store who makes the “rainbow bagel.” I’m sure you’ve seen it. We didn’t go there, and I’m glad we didn’t. Some people had commented that it’s a below average bagel, and it’s only worth going for the picture, and I believe it. 

The only reason to get the rainbow bagel is to make other people jealous. WTF?!? What kind of society have we become that our sole mission in life is to chase down Instagram photo ops? 

Absolutely ridiculous. 

Media Lies – Hidden Gems 

Listen, New York sucks. Don’t go there. 

If you’re feeling like you’re missing out, you’re not. I’m sure there are a million unexplored gems in your city that you never even knew about – places that have no social media marketing campaigns – but are actually pretty amazing. 

Go to the beach, explore a park, try out a new sandwich shop. I’m sure you’ll be just as satisfied. 

I look at all these travel blogs and they promise, “Paris is amazing.” “Hawaii is amazing.” “Colorado is amazing.” 

No, they’re not. There’s nothing special about any of these places. Don’t believe the hype. They’re all exactly the same as your home town, and if you visit them, you may find they’re actually worse. 

So don’t get your hopes up chasing a lie. There’s nothing out there for you – except misery and despair. 

Be happy with what you have, and don’t shove it in other people’s faces – because you really don’t know who you’re hurting – most of all, yourself.