Top 6 Books on Faith – Thoughtful Books for Any Age

Books on faith

Books on faith always piss me off. One day you’re minding your own business, without a care in the world, thinking you’re awesome.

Then for whatever reason you stumble across one of these books on faith – then wham! – you’re slapped with the reality-stick and your entire perspective changes. You feel like crap all over again, but now with renewed vigor.

So, for the curious (and literate) I’ve composed a list of my personal favorites, all that have inspired me at different stages of life.

Please note: These books don’t make good gifts either, so be careful. You’ll probably tick them off. It’s like, “You suck at life, here you go.” No, thanks.

Books on Faith – Children

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe – by C.S. Lewis

I honestly hated this book as a kid. It made no sense and it was kind of boring. Yet I had many friends who swore by it – they loved it. I was probably too stupid to get it.

But now, as an adult, I love it. I love the story of Christ reimagined in the fictional world of Narnia.

It’s an easy read too – you can speed-read it in an evening.

And the movies have had varying levels of success (some are boring), but the first in the series came out with such fanfare that I found myself at a movie theatre at 8AM on opening weekend to catch a glimpse.

A must read for any age.

Books on Faith – High School

I Kissed Dating Goodbye – by Joshua Harris

As a teenager, I hated this book. I felt like all the girls were reading it, and every time I asked one of them out they would shove this book in my face. Such a buzz-kill.

I hated Joshua Harris too. I wanted to find his home address and give him a piece of my mind. That was, until, I actually read it too and began to understand.

Harris talks about his own dating journey and the pitfalls that ensue. And as cheesy as the title seems, it’s actually solid advice.

He talks about “courting” as an alternative. And not just dating for selfish purposes. It’s good (I guess).

Books on Faith – College

Blue Like Jazz – by Donald Miller

At a time when you’re arguing with your peers over philosophical debates, this reflective book by Donald Miller comes in handy. Who can argue with a book whose subtitle is, “Nonreligious thoughts on Christian spirituality”?

You can shove this book in anyone’s face, whether they’re a believer or not.

Every Christian I knew read this book, having it tucked under their arm like a self-proclaimed rite of passage. This was my generation’s version of Catcher in the Rye.

Miller interestingly compares God to jazz, how jazz never truly resolves itself, yet it’s always beautiful. It’s lovely and thought provoking. And great fodder for arguments. (But avoid the movie – It sucks.)

Books on Faith – Post College

Wild at Heart – by John Eldredge

For me, this book was a nice, swift kick in the pants.

After college, you’re plunked into the world and suddenly nothing makes sense. Life seems boring. There’s nothing worth pursuing and life has lost it’s spiciness. Suddenly everything is dull.

Eldredge tackles these issues head-on, wondering why men in church are bored to death. He calls us to a different standard and gives us a perspective worth fighting for.

Especially great for those looking to jump out of their cubicles and chase their dreams. Good for women, but a must read for men.

Books on Faith – Young Adult

Interrupted – by Jen Hatmaker

This book got me all fired up about the complacency in the Church. It’s easy to forget our personal relationship with Christ and to cruise through life.

As modern-day Christians, we’re all busy with the wrong stuff. We’re all “doing the church thing” on Sunday. No one’s making real time for God.

And note: Jen Hatmaker’s received some flak from the Christian community as of late. Whether you support that effort or not is a different story. None of that takes away from her beautiful journey in Interrupted.

Books on Faith – Adulthood

The Circle Maker – by Mark Batterson

This book looks boring, but it’s not. If you want to take your prayer life seriously, you must read this book.

I’ve talked about the affects The Circle Maker has had on my prayer life here. This is truly a game-changing book.

Chasing after dreams and pursuing God’s work is no easy feat. You need to be trusting Him daily, and this book is a guide on how to do that.

Books on Faith – Action Steps:

Don’t give these books as gifts, buy them for yourself.

Do you like books on faith? What book about God have your really enjoyed?