Black Friday is Bad – Boycott Black Friday Now

Black Friday is bad

Black Friday is bad for many reasons. We need to boycott Black Friday.

But like most American’s, you’re probably looking forward to Black Friday – to the irresistible deals and the rush of a discount.

But I’m here today to tell you to stay home. You must avoid Black Friday at all cost. Black Friday is bad and must be boycotted. It’s ruining our country.

Black Friday is Bad – History

Black Friday used to be fun. Back in the day (less than 10 years ago), a few outlet malls opened at midnight early Friday morning for some super special deals. That was fun and interesting for the people who went. They’d get some good deals and have great stories to share about their shopping journey.

And good for them. These were the hardcore bargain shoppers who loved a deal, no matter the effort.

But hardly anyone went. Just a few crazy people.

Then things began to change. Through the years the discounts became more impressive and more retailers joined the craze. Suddenly it felt like everyone was going to Walmart at midnight to pick up $1 DVDs. It was sheer madness.

And recently, many stores have begun opening on Thanksgiving Day. Stores are open at 8 AM, all day. This truly breaks my heart.

Gone are the days of a silly event, just to mark the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. It has turned into an abomination, forcing employees and customers into their stores on a national holiday.

Black Friday must be boycotted. Shopping on Thanksgiving Day must be banned. The only way this will happen is if no one shows up. You must vote with your pocket book – vote with your money – and refuse to shop on these days. The retailers must be put on notice.

Black Friday is Bad – Traditions

Believe it not, I used to enjoy Black Friday. But only because I wasn’t shopping.

For the longest time, my family, friends, and co-workers, have banded together as bell ringers for the Salvation Army. That was our Black Friday tradition. To take shifts at the mall and collect money for kids and families in need – the Salvation Army funds much more than just a toy drive.

This was always a fond memory, as shifts were short, and you’d see many friends. It had nothing to do with waking up at midnight, hunting for deals, or spending unearned money. It was about serving, and about helping someone beside ourselves.

Black Friday is Bad – Employees

In general, there are multiple issues why Black Friday is bad.

First, it means people have to work. I’m of the opinion that no one should work on a holiday. Collectively as a nation we need to come together and stop working. We need to stop doing stuff. We need to chill out and relax.

When I started dating my wife, her family had a tradition of going to the movie theater on Christmas day. I thought that was the most bizarre thing to do. For one, the theater doesn’t need to be open. But they’re cashing in on people who don’t celebrate Christmas or have nowhere else to go.

I always felt bad for the movie theater employees. They’re dragged out of their houses on Christmas, just to entertain some miserable people. The thought of it makes me shiver.

Now the same can be said for Thanksgiving retailers. What possible reason do you have to shop at Target on Thanksgiving, to force employees out of their homes, just to make $8/hour? Huh? Give me a good reason.

There is none. And don’t say it’s the retailers fault for insisting on being open. It’s your dumb fault as a customer for showing up and buying useless crap on Thanksgiving – a day we should all be with family, or at least not working.

Black Friday is Bad – Money

Second, and the larger issue at hand, is the problem of consumer debt. No one shopping on Black Friday actually has any extra money. Everyone is in debt and no one is willing to admit it.

It’s not like you set up a budget and set aside cash for Christmas shopping. Everyone just goes into debt, because that’s what we do on Christmas. We pile up unnecessary bills on our credit cards with a plan to pay for it later, or fix the spending problem later – but we never do.

Americans have a spending problem. We have a credit card and debt problem. We can’t afford any of the things we buy, yet we continue to spend.

The center of the issue is our allegiance to money. We have a new religion in America and it’s consumerism. It’s the Church of Stuff. The Church of Money. The Church of (Walmart, Target, Amazon).

All this needs to stop. It’s ridiculous. And ultimately it’s unholy. This is not who God designed us to be.

Yet this is the sole reason why stores are open on Thanksgiving. It’s because “church” is open. Our consumerism faith is open for business.

So then, what’s really so important that you must buy it on Thanksgiving or Black Friday? Or can it wait? Do you need it at all?

Do something better this Black Friday. Go ring a bell. Go serve someone in need. Stop serving yourself and buying stuff to fill your empty soul.

Because only God can do that. He’s the only one who ever truly satisfies.

Black Friday is Bad – Action Plan:

  • Refuse to shop on Black Friday and Thanksgiving
  • Help someone instead

Do you like Black Friday? Do you feel bad about shopping on Thanksgiving Day? How do you feel about your addiction to credit cards? Or your addiction to money?