Trying New Things and Taking Risks – A New Adventure to Rock My World

Trying new things

Trying new things is hard. We’re always stuck in our routines. We know what we like and what we don’t. 

But how would your world change if you tried something new? Even if you didn’t want to? 

Trying New Things – Day Off 

When I was interning for Disney, I had a day off. It felt like we worked all the time, and at strange hours, so any time off was a blessing. 

Half the time too we’d play in the park on our down time. That may sound like fun, but it gets old after the 20th time you’ve ridden It’s A Small World, and you’re no longer enamored with the size of the Earth – it’s actually a pretty big planet, after all. 

One day I wanted to do something different. Being a Saturday, I decided to go get donuts. Because Saturday is like “donut day,” obviously. 

I wrangled up my friends and was like, “Hey, who wants to get donuts?” They said yes. They thought it was the most brilliant idea ever. 

We piled into my minivan as I began to recall my love of the Boston cream donut from Dunkin Donuts. That was my goal – to get the Boston cream. It is the best donut in the world. 

Then someone peeped up and argued against me. 

“Have you ever tried Krispy Kreme? It’s better.” They said. 

What is a crispy cream? I had not heard of it. It sounded like a crispy ice cream stand full of ice chunks. I wasn’t interested. 

Regardless, I played along. We were on an adventure, after all, exploring the surrounding of Lake Buena Vista. 

Trying New Things – Donuts 

We first stopped at Dunkin Donuts and picked up a dozen. There were plenty to share as we had other roommates to feed. 

I got my Boston cream and was happy. It was everything I hoped for and dreamed. 

Then, begrudgingly, I continued to this fabled crispy donut spot. It sounded like a gross local place. 

No one even knew where it was either. This was before GPS and we had to look up the address and a map. This was like the dark ages before the internet – very confusing times. 

So, after driving around aimlessly, we found it. It was on the outskirts of town where the “non-Disney” people live. 

I was still skeptical, and scared, as the Krispy Kreme looked like a 1950s doo-opp diner – just like every other tacky Orlando attraction. 

I was ready to order a dozen assorted donuts, wanting to flee as fast as possible, when the swift employees intervened. 

“If you’ve never been here,” they said, “You need to try the original glazed.” 

I hate glazed donuts. I’ve been born and raised on Dunkin Donuts products like every good New England boy – and everyone knows glazed donuts suck. Only old people and the homeless eat glazed donuts. 

Still, trying to “go with the flow” and not irritate my band of fellow donut seekers, I backed down. I agreed to eat the glazed. 

Trying New Things – Hot 

“Be careful, it’s hot off the fryer,” the employee said. 

Why would I eat a hot donut? That sounds disgusting. Everyone knows good donuts are cold. 

But then I ate it, and my world changed. Suddenly my mouth was filled with the sweet sugary goodness of a piping hot Crispy Cream donut. 

“That’s amazing!” I screamed, and ate another. 

Then we had to figure out how many to order. “People normally eat 4 or more,” they said. How is that possible? No one can eat 4 donuts. But as I soon discovered, with these thin flavorful puffs of flaky clouds, you can jam a bunch in your pie hole and still be hungry. 

So we left and my worldview of donuts had entirely changed. I was pleasantly surprised with our out-of-the-way adventure and discovery of amazing food. 

Also, now that it was nearing lunch time, we had to eat lunch. So we stopped at Pizza Hut and bought a stuff crust pizza – because that makes sense after multiple donuts. 

We arrived back to the apartments with our arms filled with donuts and pizza. Our roommates looked at us like we were insane, and when we began to shout our praises of the Krispy Kreme goodness, they looked at us with disgust. 

So with disgusting sugary carbs swirling about our tummies, we settled in the living room and watched Star Wars. 

Because that’s what trying something new is all about. Filling your day with donuts, pizza, Star Wars, and friends. 

And having someone to jolt us from our comfort zone – what else do you really need in life? 


Do you take risks? Why or why not? When have you tried something new and it changed your life?